Bonnell Coil Mattresses

Bonnell coils are often referred to as the old standard coils, if you bought a mattress 50 years ago, this was the innerspring the majority of mattresses were made with. Today there is a huge misconception that these coils are “cheap” and won’t last as long. New Bonnell coil mattresses feature more “turns” in the coil than in the past making them very durable especially when combined with a heavier gauge of wire.

Bonnell coil construction can vary greatly in both the number of coils used in its construction as well the shape, design and gauge of the coil itself. It is important to understand that the number of coils does not necessarily impact the comfort level of the mattress. The quality of the coil wire (or wire gauge) and how the coils are connected to each other can greatly affect how many coils are used in the construction of any given mattress.

Bonnell coils are hour-glass shaped, which means their resistance increases with load. Many mattress stores will try and sell against this type of coil system because it is the least expensive kind of coil to produce, and therefore they are typically found in less expensive mattresses.

Bonnell Coil Illustration
Bonnell Coils

Bonnell Coil Benefits

Bonnell Coil Mattresses are the most popular types of mattresses among consumers as they are affordable and they provide good support for the body at rest. There are numerous Bonnell Coil mattresses, made in varying degrees of quality, and they can also offer different levels of firmness or support.

Bonnell Coils are one of the most durable coils used in the mattress industry. The gauge of the wire is a lot thicker than the gauges used in other coil constructions. These coils often have a lot more turns of support as well, therefore increasing the support you will receive.

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Comfort Layer

Comfort layer construction can also vary depending on the material used in the layer. Materials in comfort layers can include; premium or lower grade foams, feathers, silk, wool, cotton fibres and even reclaimed cotton fibres. The quality of material used in the comfort layer (and the coils) will determine the comfort level and the life or integrity of a mattress.

Mike's Featured Bonnell Coil Mattress

  • 416 Tempered 6 turn Bonnell Coil
  • Edge Supports
  • ½” Overlap
  • 1 ½” Ultra Foam Topper
  • 1 ½” Ultra Foam MNQ to 26/16”
  • Ever Soft Advantage Loft Plus 8 oz Poly Bottom Pad