Continuous Coil Mattresses

Coil Construction

Continuous coils are exactly that, one continuous coil/wire that runs from head to toe in a mattress. The helical lacing/wiring in this coil system also runs from head to toe. Continuous coils are thought to provide the maximum coil strength by working together and gathering strength off of the next coil. Continuous coil designs also allow for significantly more coils per mattress, therefore bumping up the coil count in a mattress.

Continuous Coil Illustration
Continuous Coils

Continuous Coil Benefits

Continuous coils and helical lacing/wiring in this coil system are aligned from head to toe by design. You see, all the veins and arteries in the human body run from head to toe, so having a continuous coil system in your mattress reduces pressure points because the wiring is running the same direction as the blood vessels in your body.

The continuous coils also limit the transfer of motion, so when you turn in the night, the movement moves down and out whereas with the bonnell coil system the movement transfers to your partner because the helical wiring that holds the coils together runs side to side.

Comfort Layer

Comfort layer construction can also vary depending on the material used in the layer. Materials in comfort layers can include; premium or lower grade foams, feathers, silk, wool, cotton fibres and even reclaimed cotton fibres. The quality of material used in the comfort layer (and the coils) will determine the comfort level and the life or integrity of a mattress.

Mike's Featured Continuous Coil Mattress

  • 608 coils designed for better posture and overall support
  • Tri Visco Layer, this is memory foam, they put in the centre third of the mattress, this give you the nice contour of memory foam as well as pressure point relief while keeping you cool while you sleep
  • 1 ¼” Ultralux Conlolute, egg carton shaped foam, helps to alleviate pressure points and gives a soft yet supportive feel