Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Construction

memory foam responds to the body’s pressure and heat and conforms to help evenly distribute the body’s weight – returning to its original shape once the pressure is removed. Memory foam mattresses offer great support for the body and vary in degrees of softness depending on the different types and densities of memory foam used in the mattress.

The latest memory foam technology is memory foam infused with gel beads. This technology offers more support to the body and helps to keep the body cooler as these special beads dissipate heat better than traditional memory foam mattresses.

Memory Foam Benefits

Memory foam is energy absorbent which aides in reducing motion when moving in bed, minimizing the number of times you may awaken during the night. This is especially beneficial for couples sleeping in the same bed.

Memory foam mattresses can also help relieve pressure points while sleeping and as such it can help improve sleep for many people. This also minimizes the number of times you may awaken during the night.

Comfort Layer

Comfort layer construction can also vary depending on the material used in the layer. Materials in comfort layers can include; premium or lower grade foams, feathers, silk, wool, cotton fibres and even reclaimed cotton fibres. The quality of material used in the comfort layer (and the coils) will determine the comfort level and the life or integrity of a mattress.

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