Pocket Coil Mattresses

Pocket coils are traditional coils but instead of being joined together by steel, they are encased in a fabric “pocket”. While the pockets might be connected together, the coils are each independent of one another and can move separately therefore reducing movement between partners providing a more restful sleep.

Pocket Coil Illustration
Pocket Coils

Pocket coils provide support along the entire length of the body , this design helps to maintain natural spinal alignment throughout the night. As well, the compression aspect of the coils helps to alleviate pressure point issues such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, hip and lower back pain.

Pocket Coil Benefits

Unlike conventional inner-spring mattresses the coils in a Pocket Coil Mattress are independent from each other and react independently to the weight and contour of your body. As such a Pocket Coil Mattress can greatly reduce motion transfer from your partner’s movement when sleeping resulting in a better night’s sleep as you are awoken less frequently during your sleep.

Comfort Layer

Comfort layer construction can also vary depending on the material used in the layer. Materials in comfort layers can include; premium or lower grade foams, feathers, silk, wool, cotton fibres and even reclaimed cotton fibres. The quality of material used in the comfort layer (and the coils) will determine the comfort level and the life or integrity of a mattress.

Mike's Featured Pocket Coil Mattress

  • 800 Foam Encased Pocketcoil
  • MNQ to 13/16” and Advantage Loft, 20 oz
  • Tri Memory Foam Topper
  • 1.25”Unit Foam
  • ¾” Ultra Foam Pad