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We hear it often from many of our customers shopping for mattresses how much they dislike the mattress in their RV. Many are pleasantly surprised to hear that it’s easy to replace an uncomfortable mattress with a custom RV mattress designed to fit the required dimensions. In fact most RV mattresses are of an irregular size and need to be custom-fitted as space is at a premium.

Custom RV Mattresses to fit any RV
Mattresses for any RV or Camper

RV Mattress Replacement

You can find a more comfortable RV mattress for a better sleep and you’ll be surprised how affordable they are priced at Mike's Mattress in Red Deer.


Types of RV Mattresses

Truck and camper.  Short pop up queen mattresses for campers
Find Short Pop Up Queen Mattresses for Campers

Find mattresses for any class of RV or odd shaped mattress replacements including camper beds and short pop up camper mattresses. We also have short queen mattresses, a common size in many RVs.

RV Mattress Selection

We have a lot of different RV mattresses to choose from and all you need to do is select the best comfort level within your desired budget. Our mattresses are Canadian MadeMaple leaf icon with the same quality as you’d find in all of our mattresses in store.

Ordering RV Mattresses

Take measurements of the mattress to be replaced and be sure to carefully measure the depth (see diagram below) as in some cases replacing a mattress with a thicker one (increased depth) can cause issues with rubbing against cupboards or furniture. We feature quick turnaround time, usually within a couple of weeks from the time of ordering.

How to measure an RV Mattress for replacement
Measuring your RV Mattress
How to measure a Radius Corner for  Mattress Corners
Measuring RV Mattress Radius

Shop Online for RV Mattresses

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Mike's Mattress Superstore can ship RV mattresses to your home.

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Reasons for Buying Your RV Mattress at Mike's

Odd shaped RV mattress. RV Mattresses for Any RV
Mattresses for any RV Mattress Dimensions
Choice of Mattress Comfort Levels from soft to firm.
Choice of Comfort Levels
Mattresses are Canadian Made.
Canadian Made Quality Mattresses
mattresses contain no CFC's or harmful emmisions
Free of Harmful Chemicals and VOC Emmisions

RV Mattress Protectors

Mike’s Mattress has mattress protectors to fit many RV mattresses. Mattress protectors have features such as waterproofing, cooling fabrics in addition to providing protection against bed bugs, dust mites and other allergens. Protectors also reduce wear and tear on your RV mattress.

Benefits of a mattress protector
Mattress protectors can offer many benefits read more


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We have a large selection of bed frames and headboards for the bedroom.

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Mattress Protectors

Protect against stains, bedbugs, dust mites and it's waterproof. Keep your mattress in excellent condition.

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